Jordan offers a multitude of food experiences but when visiting the Kingdom you must try the national dish Mansaf!

Mansaf consists of lamb seasoned with aromatic herbs, cooked in a special dried yogurt called jameed and served with heaped portions of rice and hand-made flat bread (shrak).

Watch “Masterchef The Professionals” Keri Moss cook mansaf:

The 2000 year old Nabatean City of Petra is truly one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and the jewel in the crown of Jordan. A MUST place to see when visiting Jordan but it is NOT the only place to see in Jordan.

You can float in the Dead Sea, dive in the Red Sea at Aqaba and camp out under the stars in Wadi Rum. Walk through the water filled canyon of the Mujib Reserve or over the mountain passes of the Dana Reserve. View the stunning Byzantium mosaics at Madaba and Umm al Rasas or explore the Roman Decapolis cities of Jerash, Pella and Umm al Rasas. Enjoy the café society in the capital Amman.

Jordan – the home of Petra and much, much more.

When the skies are clear the opportunity arises to see a spectacular Dead Sea sunset from Jordan.